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Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary Foster Care Program

I. Purpose

The purpose of the SHAS Foster Care program is to help animals that have a good chance of survival and are considered adoptable, but who are either too young, are sick or injured, or are undersocialized. The majority of animals we are able to help through this program would face euthanasia.

SHAS receives all animals. The Foster Care Coordinator evaluates all animals on a case-by-case basis. Once the animal has been evaluated, the animal will be available for foster care.

II. Goal and Objectives

  • To eliminate euthanasia of all adoptable animals
  • To provide temporary shelter, care and love for potentially adoptable animals so that their chances of being adopted are increased.
  • To form a network of volunteers in foster service.

III. Policy

To best facilitate the success of the foster care program, the policies below have been formulated:

  • All prospective foster families must complete a foster care application. The application will be reviewed by the Foster Care Coordinator, the Volunteer Director, and the Board.
  • The fostered animals are under temporary care of the foster family, and belong exclusively to Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary (SHAS).
  • The purpose of the foster relationship is solely to provide care for the animal. Any determination made about the animal will be made by the Foster Care Coordinator.
  • Any and all permanent placement of the animal will be made through SHAS. The foster Family will surrender the animal at the time of placement.

IV. Responsibilities and Requirements

  • To feed, shelter, socialize, groom, train and medicate animals as needed.
  • To transport animals to/from vet appointments and adoption faires, when scheduled.
  • To ensure the safety of all foster animals under the foster parent/family's care.
  • To isolate foster pets from other household pets, if necessary.
  • To provide written proof that foster parent's/family's personal pets are altered and current on vaccinations.
  • To observe and report any problems with the animals to the Foster Care Coordinator.
  • To comply with SHAS's philosophies and policies.

V. Qualifications

  • For the safety of all concerned, including the animal, minor children of Foster Care Providers must be 5 years old or older.
  • Adequate home facilities (may include areas in which to confine animal if animal is not compatible with personal pets).
    NOTE: Home Visit conducted by Foster Care Coordinator REQUIRED prior to application approval.
  • Willingness to commit as much time and energy needed to an animal that will ultimately be made available for adoption by SHAS.
    NOTE: A great deal of time and emotional commitment involved; foster term may range from one week to several months, depending on the individual case.
  • Working knowledge of animal handling and of animal medical treatment extremely helpful.

VI. Training

  • SHAS volunteer orientation facilitated by the Foster Care Coordinator
  • Foster Care Reference Handbook provided
  • If needed, a starter kit of supplies consisting of food, litter box, litter, and scratching post
  • Direct supervision and on-going support provided by the Foster Care Coordinator
  • Indirect supervision by Volunteer Director

VII. How to Become A Foster Parent

Please fill out the Foster Care Application. For questions about fostering, contact

Foster Care Application
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