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What is Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary?
Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary is a newly formed non-profit organization whose goal is to establish a facility unique to Silicon Valley.

What is your vision and mission statement?
Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary was founded on the belief that no animal should have to go hungry, be homeless or live in fear or pain. The sanctuary believes that all animals deserve to be treated with dignity, kindness, and respect and provided with care that increases their opportunity for a safe life.

Our mission is to offer care for abused, physically handicapped, aged or homeless animals.

SHAS is working towards:

  • Instilling humane principles into society via special educational programs.
  • Educating the public regarding the overpopulation of animals.
  • Aiding in the prevention of abuse and cruelty to animals.
  • Providing awareness campaigns regarding animal welfare.
  • Rehabilitating injured and abused animals.
  • Promoting responsible pet ownership.
  • Promoting the placement of animals into loving, responsible and permanent homes.

There are so many animal rescue groups. What makes your organization different?
Each group has a different approach toward the problem of abandoned and unwanted animals. Some just take purebreds, some have size restrictions, some only take cats and some only take the "easy to place animals." It is true that SHAS cannot take aggressive animals in for safety reasons. Many of our foster families have children and we cannot put them in any type of danger. We take in animals that are injured, ill, abused and discarded and nurse them back to health with love, medical assistance and trust. That's what makes us so special and we hope that this devotion merits your financial support.

If I donate to SHAS how will the money be spent?
We have no paid positions at SHAS so all the donations we receive directly benefit the animals in our care. Donations are used for:

  • Veterinary expenses. Some animals require more care than others. All of our animals are spayed/neutered before placement, heartworm and FIV/FeLV negative, all vaccinations, wormed, microchipped and provided antibiotics if necessary.
  • $75 guarantees comprehensive medical care for one dog or cat;
  • $50 supplies medical care and food for one animal and
  • $100 helps rescue, rehabilitate and find homes for a litter of puppies or kittens.
  • Pet food and cat litter.
  • Assisting in helping defray the costs of printing brochures, adoption contracts, flyers, newsletters, advertising, etc.
  • See our expenditures.

All donations can be sent to our mailing address at:

Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary
PO Box 9005
San Jose, CA 95157

If you have other questions, please contact us.

How is the SHAS funded?
SHAS is funded primarily by the donations of members and well wishers. Donations to SHAS are tax-deductible. A financial statement is available upon request.

Since SHAS receives no city, state or federal funding we rely solely on charitable donations, fundraisers and the good will of people who love animals and want to help. Your support is crucial for us to continue our mission for years to come.


What is the adoption fee?
The adoption fee is $120 for any animal adopted through SHAS. This includes shots, spay/neuter surgery, microchipping, heartworm test for dogs/FIV/FeLV test for cats, and de-worming. All animals are thoroughly checked by our veterinarian. This donation helps defray the monumental expenses of caring for our animals. Usually training has also begun. Our foster families work on housebreaking, if needed, sit, down and walking on a leash. (Our animals are so lucky to have such wonderful people taking care of them!) If you would like to volunteer to be a foster family, please contact us.

I contacted you via e-mail or phone and have not heard back from you.
We receive numerous calls and e-mails daily. All of our volunteers have full-time jobs elsewhere and give unselfishly of their time to help the animals in our care. Each of your inquiries is important to us and we take your questions, comments and suggestions very seriously. Please give us as much information as you can when contacting us with a question. Our budget does not allow us to return many long distance phone calls so please use that option only in an emergency. E-mail is more cost effective. Once we have built our permanent facility, we hope to have full-time volunteers staffing the phones and e-mails, so send in those tax-deductible donations!

I'd like to be placed on your mailing list. How do I go about getting listed?
Just e-mail us at with your name and address stating you would like to be placed on the mailing list. You will then receive periodic updates on SHAS and a copy of our newsletter.

Outreach programs
No More Homeless Pets. Working with animal lovers and organizations across the nation, SHAS has set the goal of bringing an end altogether to the killing of animals in shelters and pounds simply because no home can be found for them.

SHAS Newsletter. This publication is a collection of 'good news about animals, wildlife and the earth.' It includes tips on good relations with animals, interviews with animal lovers, and heartwarming stories.

The SHAS Newsletter is an expression of the SHAS philosophy that kindness to all living things builds a better world for all of us.

Website. Information and current news about the SHAS is at

Members and supporters
Membership categories include volunteers, contributors, supporting members and people who sponsor animals at SHAS.  Active members currently number about 3,000.

SHAS is not formally affiliated with other animal welfare groups, but works with many groups and shelters for the benefit of the animals taking animals in when space permits, delivering food and supplies when available, cooperating on spay/neuter and adoption programs, and participating in national events.

Staff and management

We are an all volunteer organization.

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