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Name:   Paulie
Sex:   Male
Birthday:   9/20/08
Hair Type:   Short hair - Black and white
Biography: My name is Paulie and I had a rough start in life. My mom dropped me inside a brick barbeque while she was moving me. She was not able to get me out and I cried all night. The nice people that lived at the home called Safe Haven for some help. They sent a volunteer out to try to get me out. It was no easy task! It took two people to do it. They had to take the barbeque apart and finally, I was free. Since I was so young, I had to be bottle fed. They rushed me to a volunteer's home where I was well taken care of. Boy, was I lucky! I'm looking for my forever home and oh, by the way, I have seven toes on each of my front feet!
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